Schools we work with

Leicester Tutors is part of the Tutor Network which operates across the UK in regions including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and Vale. The Tutor Network is working effectively with academies, Free Schools, MATs, Local Authorities and other institutions in these regions.

Leicester Tutors can support pupils in receipt of pupil premium in Maths, English, Science, languages, music and other subjects. We are pleased to offer the same level of service for pupils and schools in the Leicester area.

We are able to offer our home schooled pupils an external examination centre for their GCSE and A Level examinations, based in Leicester. Please contact us for more information.

What people have to say about Leicester:

‘Leicester’s multi-cultural population has created a unique blend of the past and the vibrant present day, giving Leicester a cosmopolitan atmosphere.’

‘Champions of this year’s Premier League, Leicester is a city united and proud.’

‘May our children flourish and grow.’