Is a private tutor worth the money?

The school and education systems can often be a bit overwhelming when you try to get your head around them. With regular curriculum changes, tests, SATs, league tables and education jargon to try and understand, it can seem an impossible task! However good teachers are at explaining it all on parent’s evening, it can be difficult to determine exactly how well your child is doing and whether investing in lessons with a personal tutor might just be the boost they need to help them reach their potential. As a parent, you want the best for your child, but in the current economy you also want to make sure that your hard-earned cash is being used to the best effect.

Does my child need a private tutor?

Every child is unique and learns in their own individual manner. Learning needs and styles vary from person to person, and identifying what these are for your own child is key to deciding when and how to use a personal tutor. Primary school lays the foundations for the future – it’s where the the Rs come into their own. Children pupils who struggle with maths and English at this stage, (especially with phonics, reading and writing), will often struggle to catch up throughout their primary and secondary school career. Those struggling with GCSEs and A levels often didn’t receive a solid grounding in the basics of English and maths at primary school. A bit of extra help at this level can make all the difference later in life and allows your child to master basic skills so they can flourish during secondary school.

How does a private tutor support my child?

Private tutors can tailor their tutoring to suit the needs of the individual child – something that is far harder to do when a teacher has thirty children in their class. For some, short term help is all that is needed – maybe support with a particular aspect of their GCSE or A level course, or some intensive revision sessions. For others, an hour of tuition per week over the course of a year can secure the basics and develop both skills and confidence in a subject. Every little helps, as they say, and with fierce competition for top university places, a few extra marks can make all the difference on results day. The same is true when it comes to essay-writing and dissertations – it’s not just subject content but diligent editing and proof-reading can raise a whole grade.

How can Leicester Tutors help?

However old or young, and whatever your subject and level, Leicester Tutors can support you to reach your goals. All our private tutors undergo a DBS check and their references are taken up, so you can be confident of having a high quality tutor. They are also aware of the new curriculum changes so you can rest assured that the work of Leicester Tutors is right up to date, whether it’s in English, maths or science. For most of us, we only get one attempt at our education, and we encourage you to give your child every resource they need to succeed at and enjoy theirs. We want to help our clients fulfil their potential. Contact us at Leicester Tutors to find out more about how we can help you.