The hidden benefits of learning another language…

It is a widely accepted belief that people who learn to speak more than one language have improved job prospects, greater cultural awareness and improved mental health.

However, there are far more benefits to learning to speak another language than first meet the eye. Studies conducted around the world continue to reveal just how beneficial language-learning can be for students – child and adult alike. Here we take a look at some of the lesser-known advantages to becoming multilingual…

A study by the University of Chicago revealed that people who have learnt to speak at least two languages are generally more rational when it comes to financial decision-making. When interpreting one language into another, the brain reviews the interpretation to check it is the correct translation. As such, bilingual people have more confidence in their decision-making as they regularly review their translation subconsciously and self-scrutinise. This in turn helps them make better decisions, particularly in regards to their finances.

Another study by the Pennsylvania State University demonstrated that students, particularly children, are better able to change tasks such as reading, writing and speaking. In short, if you learn more than one language, you are likely to be a good at multitasking! The study even showed that learning more than one language can help reduce driving errors.

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