Leicester Tutors testimonials

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“Thanks so much for helping me with maths. I passed because of you. You have taught me things I will use all my life.”
Marc, age 16 and dyslexic

“The first lesson was a bit scary but you stuck with me and it’s been so helpful. You have given me confidence and encouraged me. I am so grateful.”
Chris, age 18

“I learned more in the tutoring than I did in lessons because I felt I was able to say when I didn’t understand something. The tutor explained things better than they did in class.”
Year 11 double science student in foster care

“F is dyslexic and needed to catch up. F told me that she had come 5th in the class in her recent test and we were really pleased for her. F has a good relationship with her tutor who has worked collaboratively with school SENCO to create bespoke lessons to engage F.”
Year 8 Key Stage 3 maths student

“I have enjoyed R’s teaching methods, which have been communicated very clearly. I worked well with R & feel that I have improved following one to one sessions. Thank you.”
Year 8 Key Stage 3 physics student

‘Thank you. I went from a grade C at GCSE to be able to follow lectures at university that covered subjects that I never thought I would be able to understand. M went carefully through the material and then again and slowly the p values and confidence intervals became ideas I understood and could apply. Phew. Such a relief. ‘
Ella (age 20)