About Us

About Leicester Tutors

Leicester Tutors offers private tuition for all ages and in all subjects. This includes Maths, English and Science at KS1-3, GCSE and A Level, and language tuition for all levels. Furthermore, support is provided for students where English is not the first language. In addition, we can assist with study skills and offer proof reading for essays and dissertations.


Our Tutors

In order to work with us, all our tutors undergo a fourfold quality check. Our process comprises an enhanced DBS check, evidencing proof of the tutors’ qualifications, a professional references check and finally having an extensive interview. Our interview process works to ensure that all our tutors are of the highest quality, including in their excellent lesson planning skills and teaching abilities.

Personal interviews of this depth are not currently required by most other tuition agencies. However, we insist upon this as a core requirement for all our tutors to help provide our clients with peace of mind when booking tuition with us. Leicester Tutors carefully selects each tutor for their tutoring abilities and expertise in their subject field.

The tutors working with us are comprised of a mix of teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates, each of whom has significant teaching experience.

All teachers must register with the Education Workforce Council. Leicester Tutors is part of the Tutor Network which operates nationally.